Halloween is done and over for this year, but I just couldn’t wait until next year to share what we did. This was our first time decorating for a trunk-or-treat. My mom has done it in the past and this year the kids and I were able to go and help her with it. We decided to think outside the “trunk” a bit and go with a Christmas theme. It was a lot of fun!

Our theme was Santa’s Workshop. My daughter loves making signs so I put her to work. She painted it on canvas and then my younger son added the snow to the trees.

I was put to work crocheting some elf ears to attach to elf hats, which I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I used this free pattern for the ears. They worked up super fast, which was good since I needed 5 pairs.

We did a hodge podge for our outfits and just made sure they were red, green, and white. Not to mention that it was a cold night and we really just wanted to be warm! Overall I think it turned out great! We had our little Christmas trees, a Santa panel, gifts, lights, stockings, the works! I’m sure it’s a theme we’d love to do again. After all, who doesn’t want an early start to get on Santa’s good list??

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