Quick & Easy Meal Plan

I’ve mentioned before that my family has a few different dietary needs. With a family of 5 and at least 3 different diets to be met it can be tricky to say the least!

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years trying to make the right adjustments and just piecing things together on my own. Modify this recipe for him, modify this for her…it can be quite overwhelming!

In some of my recent research I have found that most of our dietary needs can ALL be met with the paleo diet. I’m not big on fad diets so I really just never paid much attention to it. Imagine my amazement as I picked up ONE book that could suit the needs of my entire family. Finally, after 10 years of struggling, it’s now all made simple and easy in just one book.

My sister recently came across this book and introduced it to me. She would share pictures of her meals and they all looked amazing! I thought “my whole family could eat that and actually LIKE it!”

We are now on week 2 of our “mostly” paleo diet. I say “mostly” because we do still modify it a tad bit. The true paleo diet doesn’t allow rice. Our family seems to handle rice ok and we love it! So, yep, we get to keep our rice! We also have a few indulgences like my Dove chocolates.

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All of that being said, after mostly following the paleo diet, it’s much easier to say “no” to the things that don’t suit my family. How nice is that?! Just look at all these delicious dishes!! Maybe some fads are meant to be followed after all!

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