Lemon Water

Lemon water is a favorite in my house. For one, it tastes amazing! But, even more than that, it has quite the health benefit. As I’ve said before, my daughter has hyperoxaluria (read more about it here). Because of this, she is prone to kidney stones. One thing she does to keep this at bay is put a few drops of our Lemon Vitality Essential Oil in her water each day.

Is This Safe

Young Living’s Vitality Essential Oils are approved for ingestion. Our Vitality oils can be added to food or used in a capsule. These are great ways to take full advantage of their supporting qualities.

I have a whole rack of Vitality oils on my kitchen counter. No, this isn’t all of them…yet!

Lemon Essential Oil

Our Lemon Essential Oil is cold pressed from the rind. The key constituents found in it are: Limonene, Gamma-Terpinene, Beta-Pinene, Alpha-Pinene, and Sabinene. If you don’t know what all of this means, I strongly encourage you to look them up!

Water & Lemonade

One of the treatments for hyperoxaluria is to increase water intake. This helps to flush the kidneys, prevents oxalate crystal buildup and helps keep kidney stones from forming.

When Kyleigha was first diagnosed with this, she was told to drink lemonade. Lemon juice can increases urinary citrate which may help prevent calcium stones. The exact amount needed varies depending on the source.

Breakdown of Calcium

Before we became “oily” we bought a good quality lemonade for her to drink regularly. However, once we learned more about essential oils we decided to give them a try for this too.

After doing our research we knew that the properties in lemon essential oils tend to outweigh those of lemonade. In simplified terms, lemon can help break down calcium buildup.

A Reminder

Any time you put essential oils in a drink or food, be sure to use glass, stainless steel, or ceramic. Lemon essential oil helps to break down synthetics and petrochemicals. While this can be a good thing, you certainly do not want to drink them in the process!

Good News!

When Kyleigha was first diagnosed with hyperoxaluria, she had to make regular visits to the doctor. She went every six months, then once a year, until finally, every 2 years. We were so excited that our dietary changes were making a difference!

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I encourage you to do your research and if you choose to try lemon water with essential oils, be sure you purchase a high quality essential oil. Young Living is my choice. I have been to one of their farms, done my research and have found no better essential oil company. If you would like to try essential oils, please let me know. I’m always happy to help!

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