Fruit Infused Water

My family loves being out in nature. Unfortunately, we don’t take the time to do it near as often as we should. For Labor Day, my mom came for a visit and we decided to take a hike with our 2 little dogs.

The dogs are hard to see since they are so small, but they’re both in the picture!

We like to take a healthy picnic lunch for our outings. Chicken salad with homemade tortillas (you can find the recipe here) to the rescue! We added a little fruit infused water for a refreshing drink and we were ready to go.

We love fruit infused water after a hot hike.

Each of us have a jar with our name on the lid. Add water and fruit to the jar, leave it out in the sun while we have our picnic and then sip away! Pictured here is a frozen fruit blend of strawberries, mango, pineapple, and peach. Yum!

More fruit blends to try:

  • berries like blueberry, raspberry, or blackberry
  • apples
  • mint leaves
  • rosemary leaves
  • oranges
  • limes
  • lemons
Fresh berries, lemon, lime, and orange.

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