DIY Christmas Ornaments

Every year we get an ornament for our kids. Some times it’s a store-bought one and other times, like this year, it’s a homemade one. We always put names and dates on them. It’s always fun to pull them out each year and recall all of the memories that go along with each ornament.

This year I saw a video on Annie’s Creative Studio on how to make sweater ornaments. We decided it would be a fun one to do. So, off to the thrift store we went. We chose 2 sweaters we thought would work well as an ornament. I had buttons and ribbons on hand in my craft supplies. Now it was time for the fun part!

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Making Sweater Ornaments

First we decided which part of the sweater we wanted to show on the ornament. Then we cut it accordingly. Using a sewing machine, we stitched up one side of the sweater to make a sleeve. After making holes in each end of the foam ball, we used a hot glue gun to stuff and attach the sweater to the ball. Then, to hide the glued ends, we covered each end with a decorative button. We used decorative wrapping string to hang them with.

The trick this year was finding a way to put the name and date onto each ornament. I found these cute wood buttons at Hobby Lobby and thought they were perfect! We wrote the name and date on the back side and used a piece of string to tie them onto the ornaments. What a fun project!

A Little More About Annie’s

I mentioned that I came across this idea through Annie’s Creative Studio. There are so many wonderful craft ideas! I subscribe to it monthly. However, you can also purchase each class individually. I have a link to this one below. Happy crafting!

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