3 Things To Help Keep You Healthy

These are trying times, to say the least. We have been quarantined to homes and told to use extra precautions when we have to go out. Though some of the restrictions are beginning to lift, it has us all questioning what we can do to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. This, by far, is not an exhaustive list. However, these are a few of the main ways I have found that work best for my family.

  • Keep things clean. We’ve seen hand sanitizers and wipes going out of stock. Yet we are told we must use them and to continually wash our hands. Every store you walk into has wipes available for the carts. You’ll sometimes even see an employee spraying everything down. However, I have a word of caution on this…but sure that what you are using to disinfect is, in fact, supporting your health and not compromising it. That’s right, not all of these so-called cleaning agents are good for you. I’ll leave you to do your own research on this, but I have found that Thieves products work well for my family. I make my own wipes, spray, hand purifier, and hand soap, meaning there’s little chance I will run out of my supply of disinfectants. *You can find my recipe for hand purifier below, or click here to see the video for my all-purpose Thieves Spray.
  • Get enough rest. I’ll add to that a little. It’s hard to get good quality rest when you can’t find a way to relax. In this blog post you’ll see 12 ways my family finds ways to relax and ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • Feed your body the nutrients it needs. Eating fresh foods vs pre-packaged is one way of doing this. This happens to benefit us all right now since boxed/canned goods seem to be in short supply. However, the more good nutrients you feed your body, the more prepared it will be to fight anything it needs to fight. Fresh fruits and veggies are wonderful. However, sometimes we have a hard time getting the nutrients we need in our foods. That’s where supplements come in. Vitamins C and D are wonderful ones to start with. Vitamin C helps repair body tissue and also aids in absorption of iron and aids the immune system, as well as maintenance of many other body functions. Vitamin D helps the body absorb minerals, helps the body resist certain diseases, and aids in normal immune system function.

Again, there is so much more that could be added to this list. And the benefits I listed above are minimal. As always, I encourage you to do your own research and see what your family needs.

Hand Purifier


  • 1 ounce distilled water
  • 1 ounce aloe vera juice (or gel)
  • 8 drops thieves essential oil
  • 2 ounce spray bottle (can be found on Amazon) I use brown glass spray bottles.


  • Measure water and aloe and pour into spray bottle, stir to mix.
  • Add thieves essential oil. Put lid on and gently shake.


You can sub the aloe vera juice with witch hazel or alcohol.  Through my research I feel like aloe vera juice does a great job and I feel confident using it as purifier, especially with the thieves essential oil blend, which has it’s own amazing properties.  
*A plus to this recipe is that it also can be used as a throat spray and a room spray. I LOVE multi-purpose products!

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